Will Lightburn be compatible with Silhouette vinyl cutting machine

Will lightburn be compatible with Silhouette softwate I would love to be able to use the camera feature to read the mat that is used for marking a cut out. It would be so much faster and easier than habing to take a photo and email it then import it…

You wouldn’t be able to control the Silhouette directly but there’s nothing keeping you from using LightBurn to capture and trace an image, and then export that design to SVG which can then be easily imported into Silhouette Studio.

If you were trying to use this to cut-out something that’s on the mat you would need to sort out a method of handling the registration alignment.

Alternatively, depending on the material you could cut it directly from LightBurn and your laser.

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Yes thats true , they do have a mat with calibration points. It qould just so much easier to skip the whole import step. Thank you

For what it’s worth I do recall hearing that one of the long term goals for LightBurn was to control craft cutters like the Silhouette. I imagine there’d be a higher chance of Silhouette being supported than something like Cricut since Silhouette uses somewhat open standards.

That would ne awesome! Thats exactly why I chose the Silhouette, so much freedom!


What model of Silhouette cutter do you have?

I believe that it’s not too far off in the future.

I habe the cameo, cameo 4, and the curio! I love me some Silhouette lol

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They did mention that was their goal, but they also said that they will never support Cricut because Cricut will not allow any 3rd party software to be used with their machine. I ended up switching to Silhouette because of how Cricut keeps tightening their grip.

Exactly! I love my silhouette it is so flexible!

I love my Cameo, but their software… I hate it. I feel it’s slow and unresponsible.

It can crash or freeze often but you can use other software with as well. That’s why I like it so much.

To be honest, I’ve never had a crash or freeze problem with the software. It’s just overall sluggish. What other software are you refrerring to? Design or cutting control software?

I do most of my designs on Corel and then export it as SVG to Studio, trying to keep studio just a the plotting software.

I’ve never used it but Sure Cuts a Lot is known to work with Silhouette cutters as well as a long list of other cutters including legacy Cricut cutters.

You can create svgs and PDFs to be cut in silhouette in inkscape also I also use funtime scrapbooking and make the cut software

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