Will LightBurn calculate how much cut lengths of parts total to

Hello all,

I am still relatively new to LightBurn and have a question. For people that use cut lengths to charge out laser cut time…will LightBurn calculate the entire perifery of the parts to be cut and give a resultant distance for charging out laser time…??

So far, I have not seen an area where I might find this. Great program though…just love it so far…!!

Thanks for your responses…!!


Yes, LightBurn calculates and provides a “Cut distance” in the Preview window.

Happy to hear you’re enjoying LightBurn so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks JTR…this is perfect…!!! Yes, really liking this product. It has already helped me in so many ways to get parts ready for cutting. If you are assiciated with LightBurn…keep up the great work…!!



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