Will Lightburn work on a PC that is NOT connected to a laser?

I am new to this, so regrets for the naive question. I intend to run my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro in my workshop using a netbook loaded with Lightburn. However, I would like to do my designing in my study on a desktop PC that is not (and will never be) connected to a laser engraver/cutter. I will then transfer the files by thumb drive. Will Lightburn work on my desktop as described?

Yes. You can design on LightBurn even when not connected to a laser. However, one idiosyncrasy is that you must still define a laser for that installation. The reason is that there are certain machine characteristics like workspace and machine origin that need to be understood for LightBurn to function correctly. Certain cut settings are also only relevant for certain controllers.

So the simplest thing is to have identical device setups between your design computer and your production computer. You can do this manually or by saving a device profile and loading that on the other device. You can even save your entire preferences and load that onto the other computer.

For transferring the files you can use the thumb drive as you suggest. You could also network the computers and transfer files that way if that was an option.

Very many thanks for your advice. I will duplicate the device settings and preferences and see what happens.

I have two instances of Lightburn installed. I have a laptop connected to my laser and use a desktop with Adobe Illustrator for most of my design work. I’ve had success with storing my settings in google drive and having both computers synced to use the same drive location. Very similar to a NAS or network that JMichael suggested.

Many thanks to you both. It gives me great confidence that my setup will work as I envisage it.

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