Will Lightburn work with my laser machine?

I bought this laser:

Seems like it’s just a rebranded cheap Chinese laser machine. It uses EZCAD2, which sorta sucks from my first impression spending a few hours in it. I was wondering if Lightburn would work for this machine? I really like the software! I installed Lightburn and tried to setup the device but it did not work easily. I believe I have a Lichuan MC542 controller. Googling that doesn’t give too much lol. Any help would be appreciated.

Usually it’s based on the controller type… I have no clue about yours… The docs say it will ‘talk’ to units that support ezcad…

If I were you, I’d download the trial version and see if it works with your fiber.

Check out this link…


It worked! I had to use the Zadig program to swap the drivers. I tried it the other day but missed a step. Glad I listened to you and tried again. Thanks!

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