Will Lightburn work with my Lasers

I have an Accuris powersharp 14 (which is a LTT corp ILS 3 Machine) re branded. I have been using Corel x19 with no problems. I have a new GCC Laserpro LS 40 Watt on order and would like to run Lightburn if possible . Any advice or help is appreciated.

Looking at their site, I do not see where they identify the motion controller, nor software that might help identify the controller. This is the important bit to determine compatibility with LightBurn. If you can provide additional details, we can let you know.

As for the GCC system you have on order, LightBurn is not compatible as they use a proprietary control system. To support this family of systems, we would need physical access to a machine for several months so we could decode OR GCC to provide us with help and the needed protocols to successfully communicate with the systems. Maybe you can reach out to them directly, expressing your interest in using LightBurn.

Thank you Rick for the response, I wanted to check before I purchased the software. I will stay with Corel I suppose. Just a note that Lightburn looks much better software than Corel for lasers.

Thank you for your kind words. We continue to expand our supported laser systems over time but it does take time. Sorry that we are not able to help you today, but I encourage you to check in with us every so often for updates on these efforts as we continue our development process.

I will keep watch and as soon as you can support my machines you have a new customer.

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