Will my Trotec Rayjet R500 work with Lightburn software

Hi all

Looking into using Lightburn but will it run our laser?

New from Trotec

Rayjet R500.
Two lasers integrated
CO2 DC 100w and CO2 RF 60w ceramic laser source integrated.

spec of machine
100W CO2 Laser Source
• 60W CO2 CeramiCore Laser Source
• 1300 x 900 mm working area
• LED light
• Emergency stop
• Manual Z-axis on laser head
• Air-cooled optics
• Laser pointer
• Control panel for positioning the laser
• 2.0" lens
• Air-assist
• Nozzle Ø7 mm (0.27 in)
• Sealed CO2 100W DC laser source, water-cooled
• Water chiller
• Rayjet® Commander printer driver
• Rayjet® Manager laser software incl. material database

thanks for looking

Not at this time, at least, not directly. LightBurn does have a “Print” feature now, so using that and the print-driver that came with your laser, you could send a job to the laser from LightBurn, or any other software package that will print.

To use it, you’d have to set up a ‘dummy’ device in LightBurn, and you wouldn’t be able to directly control power and speed settings from LightBurn - you’d do that from the Trotec driver when prompted.


thanks for the reply, if you ever get a solution please let me know
we currently use various software packages to send to the laser mainy signlab, profilelab and engravelab with a bit of adobe thrown in the mix
Really like the offset fecher in lightburn, to to that we have to create tool paths and convert them to graphics, bit of a pain
will give lightburn a trial to see if we can speed the process up, and send the files to the print manager
which for the record is pretty useless as far as i’m concerned.
so for anybody who wishes to inlay perspex with the rayjet lasers prepare yourself for a lot of trial and frustration.

ps at least its not raining today in england :slight_smile:

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