Will not burn in the framed area

Good morning. I am only a day old with lasers. I have a graphic I am wanting to do my first test on. 3.75in x 3.75in. Speed at 200 60% power in Line mode. I can get the material framed properly but when I go to burn I get a message saying that it will not burn in that area (sorry forgot the exact message)

Thank you for your time! have a good day.

When you get an error in the Console you can just copy and paste it (and a few surrounding lines) into notepad, a text editor or into a reply here.

The error messages are pretty specific and really help people help you.
I look forward to seeing the error message.

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are you sure to be inside the work area?

Thank you will do!

Yes it was inside the area. I saw a video about work areas and have changed the way I go from home to work area and appears to fix that problem. Thank you for you time.

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glad to hear you have fixed :wink:

Can you share the video. I am having the same issue! Thanks