Will not fill one portion of design

Hey guys, I am currently trying to engrave a logo and for some reason when I try to fill the “SD GUNNER FUND” words it will not do it. If I switch it to line, it will outline the words just fine. Fill works on all the other portions of the engraving except for those words. Anyone know why? I’m fairly new to LightBurn.

When you select that layer and select ‘preview’ does it show as filled or do you get a message about ‘open shapes’?

Maybe upload your file so we can look more closely at it?

When I select that layer and hit preview it literally shows me nothing in the preview box. If I set it to fill and hit play to start the engraving process on that layer it starts and then says complete.


Attached is the file @Makingsmoke . Thank you for taking a look. I really appreciate it.

@RalphU , Thank you so much for your help. This took care of the issue!

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