Will not Frame where image is placed

Orion 60W Ruida RDC 6442G-B EC
I am tired of screwing with this. I cannot get the laser to move where I actually have an image located for Framing. Enclosing Video and photo.

Won’t load my video. Laser moves off to the left side and down to do the rectangle. I have set on “Current Position”. Also had it on User Origin. Didn’t make any difference. I am evidently not doing something correctly, HELP!


Post video to a shared service like YouTube and provide link here.

I see you have a Ruida and also have the ‘Machine Origin’ (small red square) set to lower-left. I have not seen this configuration before. Most Ruida installations have the origin set to the upper-right. Where are your limit switches? Where does the laser home, or go when you first turn the unit on?

From our documentation:

If you have a DSP controller, like Ruida, Trocen, or TopWisdom, common in larger CO2 lasers with metal cabinets and LCD displays, the origin corner will be the corner that the laser head seeks out when you power it up.

You need this reflected in the ‘Device Settings’ here:

The ‘Job Origin’ (small green square) is a different thing. https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/CoordinatesOrigin.html

The entire documentation was written to help with most of these issues and is a great source for review. :slight_smile:

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