Will not run correctly

I’v very new to all this me and my son have watched tons of video’s and still cant get this to work.
we have a Atomstack A5 pro 40watt machine/ I’m using windows 10. We are using the trial first. and so far i want to smash it all even computer.lol any way ive installed all drives done what pop ups have said to do. will not burn will not stop when hitting the home button makes this horrible noise.(motor trying to move but cant no more) cant find my laser. we have done the manual using GRBL. using the correct port. can not figure how to properly set the home so it stops at home. laser will not burn. this is going to ruin our machine each time we try and use your software each time we turn it on its at some point going to strip the gears… our laser is 400mm 410 mm. at this time we are using LaserGRBL but can only do just so much with it. plz help thank already bald guy.lol

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