Will Pay For File Creation!

Hey all. I’m looking for someone to take a few images of police badges and convert them into clean Lightburn files for Fill engraving. I’ve looked on sites like Fiverr but there really isn’t anyone who can produce a proper file ready to go in LB. If anyone has the time I would throw a couple bucks at ya. Thanks in advance. JoAnn

Throw them up and let us play with them! Ya might get them done with no cost! Worth a try!


The first Shield is a NYPD Detective Shield. The inner portion is awful when lasering with my 70w CO2 Boss. I guess we could silhouette the figures if needed. I’ll put a picture of the actual shield and a bad version I already paid for. At the base of the shield I would need to be able to change the number for personalized services. MUCH APPRECIATED!

What kind of material do intend to put them on?
You’ve got a CO2 laser so grayscale may not be easy and some kind of dithering may work best.

Mostly engraving on Yeti style tumblers.
Thank you.

Aha. Then grayscale is out, dithering is in. :slight_smile:

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