Will the glass on a GWEIKE LC1390N block its laser beam?

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if the glass in the door of a GWEIKE LC1390N has any kind of protective coating or properties that will deflect a laser cutting beam if the mirror gets out of whack.

We have a special pair of glasses, but I’m wondering if I have a customer group come through to watch the laser in action if I have to give each of them a pair of special glasses.

The clear viewing window in the lid is made of either polycarbonate or acrylic, both of which are opaque to the wavelength of the IR laser beam, so if the lid is closed, there is no need for any special safety glasses, and as a FYI, a cheap pair of acrylic or polycarbonate safety glasses from HomeDepot or Lowes, etc, work just as well as a “laser safe” pair of glasses for the same reason the lid works. So if you want to be doubly sure of your tours safety, just hand out some cheap safety glasses.


If you can engrave it, then it’ll have to be able to block the ir from your laser… even regular glass blocks ir…


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