Will the LaserPro on Kickstarter be supported?

I am looking for the rectangular LasrerPro engraver, new Kickstarter-Campaign.
It supports engraving with moving on Z-Axis, camera and distance-measuring.
Will it be supported from your software?

Kind regards

Mirko from Germany

We’d have to know what firmware they are using. Looks like the control board is an ESP based system? Hard to tell.
Basically, we have no way of knowing without more information - it’s entirely possibly they have made their own protocol/firmware which would be difficult to support.
If you would like support I recommend asking the creators to reach out to us - I make no guarantees, of course, but it would be a start.

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They aren’t releasing the firmware, but they listed the gcode commands in Update #4 and it is all pretty standard Gcode commands. Plus they directly mention the laser being compatible with Lightburn in the FAQ. They say the autofocus and camera only work on their software, but I doubt that.
They have custom commands for turning on and setting the autofocus which a user should be able to add to Lightburn’s custom Start Gcode settings.
The camera will also likely be a standard USB webcam and should be compatible with Lightburn.


Weird they call out it’s compatible with LB but then put a bunch of effort into their own software.

I contacted the team of Sparkmaker Laserpro.
Hoping that they contact you. :grinning:
Thx for quick answering.

Kind regards

My last bought China-Laser (Dexarm) declaired too, that their software will manage their laser.
But it isnt not really usefull software.
Hope the Team of LaserPro do their job much better or their laser will be 100% compatible to your software.

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