Will the logitech c170 Web cam work with Lightburn?

I have seen a few people saying this will work but a bit unsure as I haven’t seen a guarantee on it and can’t find any documentation from lightburn for any alternative cameras

My bed size is 777x400 and I have 38cm of space above it in not sure what camera to get that will capture the entire bed?

Will the logitech c170 be enough or do I need to a different camera

Thanks all

Surely not. In theorie you need a view ankle of 97° to see 770mm from 340mm above level.
The Logitech C170 has 59°

Hi mate thanks for the reply

How did you work that out that’s pretty clever I have brought a 90 deg lens couldn’t see a 100 deg on of that style

It is 38cm not 34 cm will this be enough?

this is the page that explains the focal length needed for your laser Camera Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

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