WIN 10 PC sluggish after LB update

I don’t know whether it´s a coincident or not but after I did the latest LB update yesterday my PC is much slower.I only used Lightburn and Chrome (Browsing) yesterday.
WIth an Intel i7-6700 and 16GB of Ram I usually don#t have issues.

In Task Manager I see a SECOND COM Surrogate which uses around 16-22% of CPU and 2,8MB of ROM.

Could that have anything to do with Lightburn?
I am running Topwisdom connected via USB


What version were you running before? You had a fairly recent beta, correct? Little has changed between the release and the recent betas, aside from a few bug fixes. Nothing in streaming, and nothing that would give you a second COM surrogate. I would say reboot the PC in case one of those is a dead process.

Hi Is
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I installed the beta about 2 weeks ago.

It was just really crazy after I started the updated LB for the first time. Still while the program was open I lost all the graphics on the icons on my desktop (I run a 2 monitor setting).

After shutting the system down and a complete restart the icon graphics were back but the PC runs still with “half steam”.

Trying to investigate I realized the Com surrogate issue in Task manager.

I tried to solve the issue by running AVG for both internet security and performance, both didn’t resolve the issue.

I will try to investigate further (not really field of expertise) and will report back if I find out what’s going on here.

Issue is resolved and was NOT caused by Lightburn.
I did download a dxf file I wanted to check out importing to LB. Somehow when trying to drag and drop this file into LB it must have happened. I just wanted to see whether drag and drop a dxr file would be possible…

If someone is interested or having similar issues here the solution:

Somehow this dxf caused a loop within the which caused the high CPU usage shown in taskmanager as COM surrogate.

I fixed the issue by following a Youtube video from RyyzQ:

How to fix COM Surrogate high CPU usage in Windows 10

It feels good to be back up to speed and have more than white thumbnails on my desktop :wink:

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