Win 7 Computer Recognizes LB Camera But No Video

Hi all this is the problem I’m having. I just received my new light burn 90 degree camera today when I plugged it in the computer (new windows 7 box with nothing on it but LB) it was recognized and installed the drivers. I opened LB and no video. I downloaded webcam viewer and when I run it I get a popup saying device may be in use.
Computer is updated and I turned off all the antivirus just as a test, but still a no go. I don’t have another way to test the camera as my other computers are Mac and all have usb-c.

Any ideas??
Thanks for your time.

Have a look here. This was the first result when I searched the forum for “windows 7 camera”:

There’s a driver you need to install for Windows 7.

Thanks for the links. I must have been searching with the wrong keywords. Less is more I suppose.

It’s a skill :slight_smile:


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