Win10 no USB Cam found in Lightburn

(Joe Buster) #1

I don’t trust the original glasses. So the idea is to use a USB camera with the Cam option of Lightburn to take a look at the workspace.

… but Lightburn doesn’t find my USB cam :frowning: In stand-alone mode the USB cam works perfectly, but I can’t select the cam in Lightburn because the Cam pulldown menu is empty.

i tested the same Cam at another Win10 PC with a Lightburn Trail installation. At this PC it worked.
Reinstalled all drivers on the first PC (Laptop) but did not work.

Any ideas?

(Robert Damon) #2

Plug in the USB Camera before you boot up the computer and see if it finds the camera in LB.

I am running Win10 and if I plug in the camera after I turn on the laptop, it generally will not find it in LB.
If I connect the USB camera before turning on the laptop it always finds it in LB.

Because I have a dedicated laptop for the my laser (100w Reci/Ruida) I just leave the camera and laser connected permanently.

(Joe Buster) #3

I couldn’t get the camera to work (PSP3 Cam). I switched to another USB camera and now it works.

(Oz) #4

Is the original PC you’re testing on a Win10 machine as well?

(Joe Buster) #5

Yes, both machines are Win10 PC`s (Desktop & Laptop). Both run the latest Win10 installation. But anyway - now it works as a preview stream.

Too bad I can’t use the camera calibration mode, because I decided to build the camera right next to the laser head. The camera moves with the laser head and looks vertically at the object to be lasered. ( )

Unfortunately the calibration mode doesn’t work in this position.

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(Oz) #6

Head-mounted camera support is something I want to do, but that’ll be a while.

(Joe Buster) #7

That’s great news - I’ll be waiting for this future expansion

(Joe Buster) #8

… by the way … as you can see I use a cross line laser to align the workpiece exactly.

But the laser point is very far away from the intersection of the cross line laser.
Can I use the option “Laser Pointing Offset” for such a case? What does this offset do in relation to the starting point?

At the moment I still have great difficulties to understand how to position my material so that the zero point of the Lightburn preview image is also the starting point of the laser.

Maybe you can contribute some more explanatory words to this topic - thank you very much.

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(Oz) #9

For how to position the work, this might help:

And yes, the Laser Pointer Offset value is to allow you to specify an offset for the red dot pointer. You measure the distance between the laser output and the red-dot pointer and enter those numbers there, and LightBurn will offset the jobs by that much when running them.

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