Window 11 issues with ezcad2 and Lightburn

Hi all !! I installed ezcad2 with drivers on my win 11 laptop . Everything installed correctly. But the laser gets hung up framing and it stops responding. I then upgraded to Lightburn galvo and it stops at framing and won’t fire. I switched to my iMac and reinstalled Lightburn with galbvo and it works great. My neje 3 max works perfect on the laptop. Does the laptop not meet the requirements for fiber ?? Any suggestions or help would be great.

What source do you have and how is it set in the device settings?

Sometimes you have to change the source in the device settings…

The PC shouldn’t matter, if it connects OK…


You never said if you installed the Galvo drivers that come with Lightburn.

Yes I installed the driver with light burn

Source ?? Please explain

I don’t know what happened but its working fine. I just need a good material library.

www.lasertips has a decent selection of starting points.

There are different laser sources, such as Raycus and JPT… These are set in the Device settings.


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