Windows 10 machine crashes when Lightburn is left running for extended period of time

So i have a relatively new Dell XPS running windows 10 and have been running Lightburn since February of this year. I have not had any issues with this program on Windows 10. I would be working on a project, save the file and then walk away leaving the program open so I can simply pick up where I left off. As of last month, I connected a new NEJE 3 Max with the A40640 laser and recently there have been issues with Lightburn. It seems that Lightburn cannot find the port com7 that the laser is connected to. Often when it does connect, it drops the connection. When I attempt to reconnect, it says port is in use cannot connect. I basically have to pull the power from the laser, disconnect the usb and start from scratch connecting machine,

Additionally, if I leave lightburn running, i.e. walk away from saved project for any length of time, I return to the computer to find that it unexpectedly shut down. This ONLY happens when Lightburn has been left open. It has yet to occur when I close the Lightburn program. I can only conclude that something is not right with Lightburn and Windows10, and this only occurred since June… and the new NEJE didn’t arrive until late July. Any insight would be appreciated.

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