Windows 10 - Nova 35 can't find a camera

Hi everyone, I did some researches for my laser machine issue on the forum but I still can’t solve it.


Secondly, I set up the ethernet connection to control the laser.
I use the second way of connecting USB camera to computer (

By the way, I can’t find a “USB B female to a USB A female adapter” at this moment so that I use “Keystone insert USB-USB Female” instead of adapter.

Please see the picture of my connection below:

Problem: in Lightburn, I can see my nova 35 is ready (i can control it) but the USB camera is still showed “none”, I can’t find it to calibrate.

P.S Integrated Camera is my laptop front camera not a USB camera.
In addition,I connected USB camera with my laptop through laptop usb port. The camera is working good. It is weird.

Is anyone know how to solve this problem? Any information is really appreciated, thank you.

If the cable from the laser to the laptop is more than a few feet, this will be a problem. USB is only rated for 16 feet, and these cameras push the bandwidth limits, so you need a decent cable, and short runs. If you need to use a longer cable, get a USB 2.0 hub or a repeater / amplified cable.

This is almost certainly why it works when plugged in directly, but not through that cable. Either that or the small adapter plug or cable is bad.

Thanks for advice. I changed a new usb adpater but I still can’t find a camera.

However, when I connected usb camera with laptop directly, I can calibrate lens in Lighburn.
But I still want to connect usb camera with nova 35. Then using ethernet to calibrate lens and control Lightburn. Because my workplace is far away from nova 35 so that I need ethernet to control them.

Do you think it is a camera problem? Such as drive or compatibility to lightburn.

Now I consider two ways. One is get a usb hub; another is change a camera.
Or do you have any ideas for this issue? Thank you.

Oh, is that a USB to Ethernet connector? I didn’t see that initially - that won’t work, as it’s just changing the wire connection, not repeating the signal. You need an active amplifying USB 2.0 certified extension cable if you want to run over long distances.

I just followed the instruction of ThunderCam USB Interface (3 ways to connect your LightBurn USB camera to your computer).

I used the second method, it said that “to connect to the OEM wiring is to connect your DSP controller via ethernet, then you only need a USB B female to a USB A female adapter like this one to connect the camera directly to the PC cable. This will remove the DSP controller from the USB connection altogether and the USB will carry only the camera”. After did this, no camera found.

According to the first method of ThunderCam USB Interface, it mentioned that “Our recommended method is to install a powered and filtered USB hub. This hub will connect to the USB cable in the Thunder laser and then the DSP controller and the LightBurn camera will connect to the hub. It will mount in the right front electronics bay and get power from the factory power busses. Here is the link for the commercial USB hub. The hub we selected can be powered by 24VDC. Thunder Laser machines have a few wiring variations so it is imperative that you pull 24VDC from the correct source. Here is one of the industrial powered hubs mounted in a Nova 35-80”.

Do you think if I get a usb hub? Will I have a chance to find a camera in Lightburn? Thank you.

If the hub is powered, USB 2.0 certified, and using only the original cables included with it, and no extensions, yes, that should work.

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