Windows 10 won't instal driver

I have a Bescutter FMC60W. It ran Lenmark 3ds on windows 7 but when I try to install on win10 it says problem adding driver to store. I’ve tried having Bescutter anypc in, no luck. The control board id says FL- Fiber-V20 FFC200148. I would like to get lightburn but I need drivers for lightburn to see it. Any suggestions? I’ll add as many pics to help. Thanks for any advice!

That is a Feeltek 3D laser head. LightBurn does not support Feeltek laser heads or controllers at this time.


Bitter sweet answer. Thank you for at least getting me closer to software that may work for me!

Any chance you have plans for Feeltek 3D support in the future?

Not at this time. I can’t say that won’t change, but we have a lot on our plate already with just 2D machine support.

Yeah, I can only get Lenmark3DS to work on my feeltek. Your software is like a loaded Mercedes to my Ford Tempo lol. But it works, so I can’t get too mad.

That’s a shame, I would pay triple for 3D support.
“we have a lot on our plate already”
That’s what happens when you’re the best in the industry!