Windows 11 and upgrading software

I like this software but have 2 questions.

  1. Is it ready for windows 11 as I am planning to upgrade any day now.
  2. When I upgrade the software to a newer version, I get errors. So I reboot my PC and then run the upgrade and then open Lightburn. Not a deal breaker. Also also have a solid-state drive if that matters.

Hi Mate, I am running current version of Lightburn on Windows 11. It runs smoothly and has no bugs. I think it depends on what you mean by upgrading the software to a newer version and getting errors…sounds like a Win11 install problem… I could be wrong. Anyway good luck.

Can you be more specific? What errors do you get?

Just to note, this happens when lightburn is not open. I closed it and still got the same error. I do actually have the latest installed, I just have to reboot and immediately install. Also I have not installed Windows 11 yet. I just wanted to know if it has been tested yet.

The COM surrogate is a thing Windows uses to run the thumbnail previewer. If you get that regularly, just un-install the previous version before installing the new one and that should solve it.

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