Windows 7 Roly Lasermatic10 Camera not working in Lightburn

Hello all,

I searched all camera related posts, did not find anything pertaining to windows7. anyways…

I have a Roly Lasermatic10, the camera works perfectly using windows camera app.
When using LB, I am able to select the HDR camera from drop down, but it will not display anything at all.

I’ve included (hopefully) 2 pics showing HDR camera working using win app, another in LB with blank screen.

They seem to have a setup video for their camera:

I’d be interested to know if your Windows 7 device has a 32 bit ‘x86’ or a 64 bit ‘x64’ processor.

If you have one of the older Windows 7 computers a high performance camera could be a challenge.

Does the Windows Camera app confirm the amount of data that the camera will generate?

You may wish to test the Custom Camera Capture System setting in Settings.
Click Edit, click Settings, then select the Custom Camera Capture system you’d like to try. It’s just slightly up from the bottom left corner of the window.

It’s been resolved with Robert who found the issue to be windows 7 missing UVC drivers. Once installed and rebooted OS, camera works perfect in Lightburn.

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