Windows and tabs behavior

sorry, newbie here.

I’m struggling to understand the window/tabs behavior within the app.
I see help topics related to each window, but not the apps behaviour with them.

I have selected the windows I would like to have access to, via the “Window” drop down along the top of the app.

they appear docked on the right side of the work area.

Some are visible, some are not.
there is an upper “section” and lower “section”
I see tabs on the upper section, but not the lower.
how do I switch between the ones that don’t have tabs, but are selected (checked / activated) in the “Window” section.

I was hoping to find a tutorial or walk through on this particular behavior(s)…

… docking / undocking
… switching

it would be nice to be able to just click one of the side tabs for the function (window) I’d like to use.

The bottom and top panes should work the same way. Make sure LightBurn is maximized.

However, if you have inadequate vertical resolution (more than 768 pixels) then the bottom of the application may be getting cut off… in that case try combining the two panes into a single taller pane.

sorry, that doesn’t address what I was asking.

Can you elaborate in what way it’s missed the mark?

In this case if you can upload an annotated screenshot that would make it clearer.

quote above

A laptop could have a small screen. LightBurn may be extending off the bottom of the screen in a way that won’t let you reach the second set of tabs.

Sharing a capture of your LightBurn Screen (with Snip, Snagit, or MWSnap) may inform us as to what you’re not seeing and what may be missing.

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