Windows menu pops up after home

I just got lightburn this past weekend, I have to say this software is a JOY to use.
When my laser finishes a burn and the laser returns home the windows menu opens. As if I hit the windows key on a keyboard.
This is Windows 10 64bit

Can you please confirm the version of LightBurn, please? What computer hardware are you using? Please provide as much as you can think of, so we can “see” what you are observing. I have not seen a report of this behavior previously. :slight_smile:

I have a Microsoft Surface 2
i5-4300 1.9GHz
8gb Ram
LightBurn is 0.9.24

It may have been an issue with magnetics and not lightburn. I had my ipad lean on the surface, moved it and it stopped so far LMAO.
Again LOVE this software and was so THRILLED that I could put on 2 pc’s with 1 key. All for $40, this software is amazing!!
THANK you all

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