Windows Snapping to toolbar

When you have windows open in lightburn, is there any way to keep them from snapping to the toolbar? Its pretty irritating when i want the window to be a box to the side and i move it up and it snaps to the top and is as wide as the screen. Ive tried to find anything on this but have been unsuccessful so far.

Welcome Justin. This video should offer some help.

(searched “arranging the workspace”) :slight_smile:

I assume what you’re asking for is a way to prevent them from automatically trying to dock with the main window when you get them close to a docking point? I’ll have to check that - I’m honestly not sure. A simple workaround would be to drag the upper-left corner to where you want it, then drag the lower-right corner. If you drag from the title-bar it does the docking behavior, but sizing wouldn’t do that.

That’s more or less what i was wondering. I did reset to default and now when i put my camera window where i want it, it doesn’t try to dock. Not sure what caused it but its good now. Thanks for the help!

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