Windows update causing havoc 2022 OS updates

We have two home built laser diode machines, they both work VERY WELL.
I did have Linux Mint on one system, but on a Lightburn update a little while back the camera stopped working, I got it to work on Windows 7 and left it there thinking I would not have to worry about Windows UPDATES! on Win7. The other has a Windows 10 OS system.

Last week the Windows 7 got updated and lost files and file structure as well as the activation code for Lightburn. (we thought there would be NO MORE UPDATES for Win7). LOST THE WHOLE SETUP!

The other system updated yesterday and restarted mid a lengthy job on material supplied by a third party to do some laser work.

The PC Stopped MID JOB and reset the computer and lost its activation. Ruined the job and material. LOST ACTIVATION.



I’m on Win7 too. I was also surprised to see the update. Updates were cancelled years ago. However, I guess I got lucky, my Lightburn is still working good.

Just re-enter your serial number and you should be good to go. If you don’t have it, just message Lightburn staff and they will be more than happy to help you out.