Wine box hide box

In my free time today I made something useful (for myself) for once :wink:
The box itself I picked up from, without a lid. To construct the rest in Lightburn didn’t take me quite a long time. I used 4.3mm birch plywood and gathered it all with super glue, I only used Kerf 0.05 this time, usually I want it more tight. Possibly I engrave the box for the sake of decoration, I have not found a motive yet. The project Inclusive a little grinding, took me approx. 4 hours from idea to final product, with interruptions.


You deserve a glass after the grinding! Hope it doesn’t taste like superglue. Great practical project, thanks for sharing!

That feeling never gets old: when I need something with a particular shape for a project and figure out how to define it, suddenly, as if by magic, there it is!

Same feeling as picking a new part off the 3D printer’s platform.