Wired issue with address

I have always used this file to engrave my business name and info on the back of stuff. Lately I’ve been getting a very wired issue when I send it to the machine. It changes it gibberish. I have to delete it and retype it to fix it. Then the next time same deal, messed up again. See attached image of what I want to send and what actually sends. It only does it to this address. And I’ve tried different files. And the machine will engrave the jibberish. So it seems to be on the software side of things.

Make sure the the text type is set to ‘Normal’

That was it. I certainly didn’t set that option. It seemed to automatically do it. It worked fine the first time I would type and use it but it was on a second use after a save that it did that. Who knows.:man_shrugging: Thanks for the quick fix though, now I know what to look for.

Glad it’s sorted :+1:

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