Wiring cw 5000 chiller alarm output to k40

i have a k40 and just purchased a cw 5000 chiller . I’ve been trying to find info on wiring H1-H2-H3 chiller alarm output to my machine . and come up empty after days of looking. I just want to use that circuit to keep the tube from firing if there is a problem with flow. I have an upgraded omtech control board, similar to cohesion 3d . which has a ton of extra connections on it. first I thought I could just wire it in series with my door safety switch, but the 3 wire connection made me leary of doing that. Any info would be helpfull . thanks

Check out this video. Looks like H1 is common, H2 is NC, and H3 is NO

It was in the manual that came with my 5202.

I thought the K40’s used the P input to the lps to disable the laser when there is no coolant flow.

Mine has H1 going to ground and H3 wired to the Water protect of the Ruida. When it operates properly, it will pull the input of the Ruida low showing active coolant.

Does your controller have an input for this.? That would be the best way to handle it.

Here is the 5000 series chiller manual and the 5000 series chiller maintenance manual.

Good luck


Thanks, I just wired it in series with my door lid switch

If it works great.

Have fun…


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