Wishlist: Would love to have an eraser/brush tool which would delete/break vectors in its path

For quick editing of nodes it would be great to have a brush tool. A circle brush you can adjust the width and then be able to just pass over lines and break things apart into their own objects, or completely erase.

Say I have this design and I want to quickly remove the outer frame in some places. Its really not an easy task right now in Lightburn. I can make some shapes and overlap them on the line and use the Boolean difference in some places. Or break/edit nodes manually. But I think a pen/eraser tool would make it so much faster if I could pass it over and it would simply delete anything in its path.


Or maybe there is a better way and I just don’t realize it yet?

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yeah - I’ve also requested a way to CROP a photo/png in lightburn… a nice basic editor… oh, and double click to select a whole word with the text editor… :slight_smile:

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Have you looked at ‘Apply Mask to Image’? Image Masking - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Nothing as you describe available currently, but we understand the request. The ‘Edit Nodes’ tool provides multi-node select allowing large section deletion, and you could also use the ‘Trim’ feature to assist removal today.

@Rick - I had not looked at that. I’m not a photoshop guy so all the masking stuff has me just thinking about tape… :slight_smile:


Both kinds offer options. Glad I could share this “masking” with you. :wink:

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