Witch Camera lens for the K40

I have a K40 just picked up a cohesion 3d board with your software bundled I want to use a camera with it.

What im wondering is if i can use the camera with the lid closed and mounted directly centered over the bed.
Using the formula for the lens i would need a 160 degree lens that puts my height from the work bed for a minimum at 133mm.

Im planning on adding a honeycomb bed to the machine so my overal distance from the lens to the table would be around 150mm.
Would this work being so close ?
or am i better off going the other route with the door open?

It should work, though that’s cutting it very close. You would likely need to cut a small hole in the lid and mount the camera so the lens is essentially flush with the lid, because the lens itself has a bit of length. You’ll sacrifice a little accuracy by having the camera so close, but with such a small work area it will likely be ok.

Do you guys sell different lenses if it doesn’t work out?

I have a small number of them, yes, but the few times that I’ve sent a different lens, I’ve ended up having to send a replacement camera. The sensor is very small, and if you get dirt or dust in the lens assembly it will foul a large part of the image. Most people don’t have a “clean room”. :slight_smile:

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