With rotary enabled, my rotary spins during head movement

So I have my y unhooked, and my rotary hooked up. I have rotary enabled in LB, I have it set to Y axis. However, when I move the head around, the rotary motor spins like it is trying to move the head on the Y axis. Any ideas?

If this is on a Boss HP, I don’t have the rotary support set up for the AWC yet. It’s coming. If this is a Ruida, you can only have one or the other connected, and even with the AWC, if you have it set to Y axis, it means that the rotary is running off the same outputs as the Y axis motor - you can have one or the other connected, but not both.

Hey Oz, this is not on my Boss HP. This is on my red/black ruida 60 watt. I do only have one or the other connected. But my question is when the rotary is connected, should it be spinning when I command the head to move? On my k40 cohesion with LB, when the head moves with rotary enabled, the rotary does not spin. But I am now thinking that is because I have a separate driver for the rotary on the k40.

FWIW, it sounds like normal behavior on a Ruida-based machine that does not have a third/separate driver.

On a Ruida, the rotary axis is the Y axis, so that’s perfectly normal. On the C3D, they’re separate.

Jeb, I found the same thing. With a roller rotary hooked up it would spin the item right off of it as it’s entered. The issue is that it is homing I believe. Change your setting so that it’s using your current position is a starting point and I believe that’ll stop it