With should i pick, NEJE A40630 or Ortur LU2-4

Hi All i am looking with one is the most realiable laser module to work with lightburn, i need to cut 3 mm plywood as fast and without burn the plywood as i can, so i was looking reviews of actual people that have this laser, to see with one i should pick, i see reviews of people using this laser on youtube and seen like the neje is more powerful, in the website of neje, it said that have " 7.5W OUTPUT" the Neje A40630, and i was looking in the descreption of the ortur output as well but i cannot find it. but i find that it said max imput of laser diode ¨4.5 V¨ so i am not sure with one is more realiabre and will perform better, thanks for your help

What you are asking is unfesable on diode technology, regardless of the brand. Even though i represent ortur and would love you to buy one
Cutting anything FAST and without scorch marks on a diode is a big ask.
I would go Co2 and avoid a sea of frustrations.

Also power output is not ALL. Focal lenght, light wave lenght is way more important.
Granted however when we go to co2 we talking on 1 order of magnitude more power.


thanks for your respond! i heard a lot of good reviews of Ortur!.

i understand your point, i am saving to buy a co2 machine, unfurtunably there are way expensive, i need to work in a area of 25 x 25 inch, and the co2 that have that work space are out of my budget right now, but i wil lsave and try to buy one in a future.

and yes, i will do a ramp test and try to get better results,i also have to learn have make a proper focus with my diode laser, i make 8 pass at 60mm with 90% to cut 3mm plywood.

Hi, thanks Bro, and yes i understand

when i said as fast as possible i mean maeby 2 or 3 pass at 80mm something close to that, is that is possible that is a win for the moment to me.

and about the company, yes, this two options are good know and have a really good customer support, both this laser module are in the range of $140-$160

and my currently laser said it have a 40w output power but i doubt that even have 7.5w i think i only have 5w that is way i was looking to buy one of this two laser module


From what I’ve seen the fastest cutting ‘popular’ brand would be the NEJE with A40640 Module. It has twice the optical power output of the A40630 (which means you can run it a lower power significantly extending diode life), you can get air assist (absolutely necessary) add-ons for this module, and in my experience it is as (or almost as) well built as Ortur. Ortur is good, don’t get me wrong, but NEJE has the best small focus power. You can get a complete 255x420 or 4xxX4xx frame with this module directly from NEJE, which I recommend because there are so many fraudulent or misleading ads right now that I’m at the stage where I only trust (just barely) the original mfr.
With well directed air assist you should be able to cut 3mm in one pass.

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It’s actually not necessary :wink: Gil has written what hits the nail on the head and there can be no more professional and honest comment like that.


Hey Jose, Based on my problems with NEJE Customer Service…Don’t believe a word they say. DON’T BUY A NEJE unless you want to be constantly told that they will get back to you. I bought my Master 2S Max in Mar 2021 and the laser module was going out after about a month and went dead in 45 days. They wouldn’t do anything for me.
So eventually I had to breakdown and spend another $150 for a new laser module if I wanted to use my $500 machine.
Then after all of this mess, I had some questions via email… They just dogged me and never answered my questions over a 5 month period,
They are the worst

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And people get mad when i dont answer in 2 hours :slight_smile:

Sorry for your troubles though, not the way it should be.


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