Without home switch

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A question in general, what is the difference between a router with home / end switch and without?

How will be the router positioned to home position without that? By hand?
Can work a router well without these end switches?

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Generally speaking, when no homing cycle exists (and therefore no homing switches)
The location the machine is powered on at, is the X0 Y0
So the “start up” location of the spindle/Laser/Head is x0 Y0

Theres a lot of nuance to this though depending on firmware settings.

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so i have to push to x0 y0 by hand?

Normally, a few mm away from physical hard end of travle yes
Then power up machine

Again LOTS of nuances on this

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Got it,


Have you looked at this documents? The last few paragraphs target this…

Common Grbl Setups.


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On routers and specifically Mach 3 or 4 I always have -X,-Y, +Z home limit switches. -Y home comes in handy if you have two steppers and the home removes the racking or twisting that might happen in the gantry.
without a slaved Y axis I only home to get a good estimate on where some fixture is located (assuming you measured it from home in the past).
without the need for that I just jog the axis and zero the DRO’s (and don’t home the machine to limit switches) which is like resetting origin in a laser.

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