Woah.... Ruida posted HMI firmware download on their site

RDC6445G HMI Update 10.01.07

Why am I afraid to do this? The instructions included with the file state the following:

In other words:
Method 1: Open the RDWorks software when the system is idle. Select “Settings”-> “System Settings”-> “Motherboard Information”-> “Upgrade HMI” in the main window. Then select the upgrade file that needs to be upgraded, click OK, and wait for the upgrade to complete.

Method 2: Press and hold the exit key before powering on. After the power is turned on, a ringing prompt can be used to upgrade the program. The operation steps are the same as above.

I tried both methods (even though i don’t even have an “exit” key on my machine)…

It just fails

I followed MWlaser on youtube and he has a link to the download.
Worked perfect

Is there a changelog somewhere?

That’s not the HMI update shown on MWLaser’s video. He is updating the controller.

Sorry about that.

I unziped the file haven’t tried it yet still at work maybe tomorrow.

Does this update add features?

but it is not the normal ruida url I would say

@Enno, The link I posted in the original post for the HMI update is Ruida’s domain.

@gatlin63 have you tried this?

No i can not find anything that says for HMI.

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