Wobbly Lines Vector Engraving

So I am doing my first lot of Vector Engraving with LIghtburn and the results aren’t great. It seems the lines are coming out wobbly.
I have done a test, loaded the same file into RDworks, using same settings and it works fine.
See picture comparing Lightburn to Ruida

The settings are 20% @ 50mm
File used is attached.

Any thoughts??

wobbly.lbrn (103.2 KB)

Do you have “small circle speed limit” mode set in RDWorks? If you “Save RD File” from LightBurn and “Save to UFile” from RDWorks, and email both files to me, I can compare the two outputs to make sure your settings were actually the same, and see if there’s anything in the RD version that might not be accounted for in LightBurn.

To me, it looks like your Y axis acceleration is too high, causing bounce on the Y axis when corning.