Wobbly text no matter what I print

Need help, whenever I try use my machine these days the images come out “wobbly”.
I have no idea how to fix it. It’s the same on each number/letter so its almost like when I export the g-code it is being exported “badly”. EG you can see on the numbers especially that each number looks wobbly in the same way. Is there perhaps a way to make sure that the g-code is exporting without the “wobble”?

The same happens with text, numbers, images and even outlines (boxes) made in lightburn.

Images here:

Time to go around and check your belts and couplers/drive pullies, laser head and anything for looseness.

Done that, even lubricated all the bearings.
I am going to cut again but this time put it on the floor when cutting.
I don’t think the table it’s on wobbles but maybe… I tied a piece of rope to the table and let it hang low with a little weight at the bottom, there was about 3mm sway on it so maybe…

How fast are you driving the laser? Just because it “can” go 10000 mm/minute does not mean it SHOULD go that fast. The acceleration and deceleration can distort the image when the frame is not rigid or your surface is wobbly.

Slow down and see if that helps.

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