Wood engraving hot spots

How do I prevent hot spots or burn spots when engraving plywood.

This might help.

In my experience I get those black spots from 2 different things, knots, or much darker grain, or when a part of the image is MUCH darker than the rest of the image, so the relative energy for those ares is significantly higher than the rest of the image. The ply looks pretty clean to me, so I would hazard to guess its not the first option. Try adding a bit of brightness or speeding up the machine a bit and see if that helps?

Thanks for the response, I think it was the wood, I did a 2nd burn and did not have the same results. I am learning but this is a slow process as it takes 4 hours to burn this image, the 2nd burn came ok, but still to dark for what I was looking for. Thanks again.

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