Wood suppliers UK

Given the cost of all things these days wood appears to be no exception.
However although cost an issue I would be obliged if anyone knows of where I can obtain sheets larger than A4 size either in 3mm or 4mm in both MDF and Ply. Finding it impossible to source here in the UK unless others based here or in Europe know of such suppliers.

Obliged for any and all thoughts and ideas re sourcing material.

I usually use LaserPly. I have bought from Kitronik once before but I had real problems cutting their 3mm ply. It might have been a bad batch but it has put me off buying from them again. There are others, just Google “laser ply”.

Thank you Marcus.

Tried Kitronik and had similar experience. No idea why missed LaserPly.

Much appreciated

I buy the premium ply from kitronik at £14.40 per sheet 400x600. All their other ply is pretty poor.
Mdf, i buy from B and Q! Cuts fine but bulk orders, as said, laserply.

Don’t use Poplar ply if you want any strength…

Cheers Paul.

B&Q unfortunately only does 6mm as I have asked. Premium ply it is.


What do the local cabinetry, trim, finish carpentry guys use? Surely not everything in the UK is made from lumber or construction-grade ply…

Hi Chris

You would think, but although I can source 3mm MDF from them larger than A4 size, at ridiculous prices, 3 ply appears to start at 6mm. and in the UK, wooden items are either solid oak or pine etc. Other base cabinets, or finishes are either veneer, laminate or thermfoil. Even with MDF now it appears we are here moving from sheets of 3mm to 3.2mm. None of the major wood suppliers I have spoken to have an explanation as to why the thickness increase. For major projects fine but for laser folks a nuisance re existing projects based on 3mm sizing.

Jeez, that must be frustrating…