Words on Arc don't stay in place after saving and Reopening

Possible bug when using the word on an curve feature?

I created a multi circle image and placed words on the circles. 4 words per circle spaced evenly. After saving and reopening the words exploded out and are randomly placed.

Mac OS Majave - LightBurn 9.0.4.

Did you attach more than one piece of text to each circle? That’s not supported, and the software shouldn’t let you do that.

I placed the word on a single line (Circle) then used the circular array feature to place 3 more around the circle.

You are correct the software would not allow more than one word per circle. However, please do not disable the circle array feature for this, I will just redo the words each time I need to cut this file. Sure does save time trying to evenly space the words around the circle.

Thanks for the reply to my question. Have a great night.

Ahh - That’s the issue then. At present, circular array, grid array, copy along path, copy/paste, and duplicate won’t work with text applied to a path. The pending release fixes copy/paste and duplicate, but I’m still working on the other three.

The issue is that the text needs the path attached to it. When copying text on a path, the path will also be copied, and the text associated with the new copy.

If you want to do this, the simple way is to select the text and choose Edit > Convert to Path. Then it’s just shapes, not editable text, and you can copy / rotate / duplicate it as much as you like. The results won’t be editable as text, but you don’t need to keep the text paths around any more either.

Thanks, that works perfectly. One last question when/if you have a moment. If I wanted to mirror the text so I can engrave from the bottom, is this possible? I can not seem to flip the text and apply to the circle. When I do it rights the image.

Thanks again for everything.

I was able to Covert to Path then Flip. This seems to have reversed the images. I had to make sure the text was horizontal to get this to work properly.

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