Work not keeping the correct orientation when you rotate the item to the left or right to put it on a cylinder

I’m very new to laser engraving and I’m having some issues that I hope somebody can help me with.
I have an Atomstack pro 20 and whenever I have my design on my screen and I rotate it to the left so it will go onto the cylinder it doesn’t keep its correct shape it changes and I can’t figure out how to fix it that’s my number one
my number two question is I keep breaking glasses when I try to engrave them using the settings that I’ve watched several YouTube videos on I use the Settings that they say and I’m breaking glasses and it’s cutting too deep help please appreciate anything thanks

I think that is a visible light laser, so you can’t directly engrave glass.

I can’t cut glass with my co2 laser either. The glass heats up and shatters. This same thing is occurring with your laser… Whatever you use to coat the material, it heats up and that heat causes the glass to shatter.

Increase the speed/lower the power or both… quicker or lower power puts less heat into the material…

Make sense?


Is there a material that you can recommend that I paint on there

What are you using that results in cracked glass?

I have a co2 and I don’t need any type of coating.

Many use tempera or even black markers… You want to be able to get the unused portion of the coating off…

There is the NTM (Norton Tile Method, using paint with TiO2) that you can find on the internet and on this site.

Good luck


It is a rust oleum galvanizing compound

Suggest you use something besides products that contain zinc based materials.

Zinc oxide is produced when zinc is heated, is one of the causes of Metal Fume Fever.

Cutting pvc or vinyl produces Hydrogen Chloride gas. When this combines with water, it becomes hydrochloric acid… Don’t want to breath or expose bare metal to it.

You need to watch what you lase, some materials can produce deadly fumes.

It might also be the root issue to your glass cracking…

Good luck


Make sure you have the ENABLE ROTARTY button turned on.

And tune your rotary settings. I get vertical stretch if I don’t enable. The TEST function on the rotary tab is supposed to get one full rotation back and forward.

It’s not clear what you’re describing. Can you elaborate? Please provide before and after rotation screenshots to illustrate the issue.

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