Work size beyond limit but it's not. maybe dual head error?

hello, I have a bed size of 1300 mm on the x axis but the laser refuse to start a job if anythings goes beyond 1130 mm. It’s a dual head and laser one should go to 1220.05 mm as I am able to bring it manually and read the position and do a pulse test. laser 2 is 88,67mm to the lift and I wrote -88,67 mm in “enable laser 2 offset”.

another strange thing also, the laser will start a job on laser 2 even if it is out of it’s reach on the right, and will do so without warning message. He will just ignore everything out of reach.

In LightBurn, my working size is 1300 x 900
the max travel is 1 220 mm. To me, these are supposed to be the good values.
what should I do?

If you are raster engraving, you have to have an over run area. How much depends on your engraving speed. Don’t ask me what the formula is for that distance for a particular speed. Maybe somebody like Oz would know.

I know what you mean but I wasn’t even engraving. I was trying slow cut shape, bellow 100 mm/s. It doesn’t want to do it if I’m past 1130 mm even if I can technically go up to 1220 mm manually for head 1 and around 1300 mm for head 2.

Okay, next question then is have you calibrated your axis? When it hits 1130, what does it say on the display? Does it think it’s at 1130, or someplace else? The display on the laser, not in lightburn.

I haven’t calibrated anything but when it say 1130 in LightBurn, the machine display the same. I tested again and if i force the machine to (ok instead of escape), it will cut pas the 1130mm. But I shouldn’t have warning before 1220 mm. The warning are only on the machine, not in lightburn.

So, if I understand it, everybody agrees 1130 is actually 1130. LightBurn, the display on the machine, and the tape measure. If you don’t have your bed size, set in the controller, to less than 1220 then I can’t think of anything else.

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