Work through printer ender 3

Work through printer ender 3
Unable to configure printer software

I am not familiar with the Ender 3 - What firmware does it use? It is probably Marlin, which would mean you have to manually configure it, instead of using the automatic device search. Close the automatic window, then click the ‘Create manually’ button and choose Marlin. Follow the prompts from there.

The laser does not light up during printing

What is it connected to? With Marlin there are multiple ways to control the laser - it’s usually done through the fan output, using M106 / M107 to control it, but it can also be done with M3/M5, and you might be connected to fan 1 or 2 instead of fan 0. Look in Edit > Device Settings to change these things.

I can send pictures because I don’t understand it
It used to work for me before I bought the software

Did you change anything else? There is no difference between the purchased version of LightBurn and the trial version. Paying for a license doesn’t change your settings.

Why doesn’t the laser light up at startup

I have no idea. You have not shared any information other than “laser does not light up”.

Do you have any other software that fires the laser? Can you look at the GCode generated by something else to see what fires it? Marlin can be configured in many, many ways, so it’s important to know how you have the laser connected (to which output) and how your version of Marlin is configured (does it need M03/M05, or M106/M107, for example).

I don’t understand much about this what is m107 and more

While the software is running, the laser is on but not burning at the time of the burn

Laser has 4 wires yellow and white and red and black connection for Ender 3 printer has two wires input

I’m sorry, but I do not know much about Marlin. You haven’t said anything like which firmware it uses, or what version, how you have it configured, or anything else other than “it doesn’t work”. That’s very little to go on. I do not know the Ender 3 hardware, or the laser module you have, so you will need to talk to someone familiar with the hardware you have to figure out how to connect it properly.

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