Working with Offset Shapes

Hi All, I pulled down an hourglass silhouette which will work for my purposes - I pasted it into Lightburn, I then traced it in lightburn, and thought that it was perfect and now all I need to do is cut the outside of the hourglass out. I went to Offset Shapes to draw a line about 1mm outside of the hourglass which I was planning to use as a cut line…but when I try to put the line around the image it puts lines inside the image as well and changes the resolution … Not sure what I am doing wrong, made sure the image was grouped. but still cannot see to get a line just around the outside to cut it out . I am including my file here … image is on left … image with offset is on right … is it possible to just outline the outside? Is there something with the image format after tracing?
hourglass.lbrn (1.8 MB)

The reason this is happening is because you have multiple shapes represented in the grouped object.

2 remedies:

  1. Take the resulting object as you have it, ungroup it, and simply remove the unwanted outset.
  2. Ungroup the original object, select only the outer line, and outset from that. I noticed when doing this that there will be one extra artifact at the bottom right that you’ll have to remove. That’s because there’s a portion of the outer line that loops inwards at that location.

Thank You I will give that a try …much appreciated

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