Working with text and layers

I’m not sure how to search for what I’m asking so I’ll just ask.

I have a text design that’s going on bamboo cutting boards. I’m using the font in Line but I want to change one word to Fill. I can’t figure out how to select just one word and change the layer so I can have it set to Fill.

I have four different versions of this design and if there’s a way to do this without re-typing them that would be great. When I originally typed the text I just used carriage returns between lines.

Will I have to type everything except the word I want to change to Fill and the then type the Fill word and justify?

I hope I explained what I’m trying to do so someone can come up with an answer.

Thanks for any help,

is a grouped phrase? i think so, select all the word then click on “ungroup selection”. In this way you can select a letter at a time


I tried that but will give it another try in the morning. It’s late here.

Thank you for your reply,

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The Ungroup did not work. So, I finally converted the text to path and it let me change the layers. I did type each of the four lines of text individually so I only had to work with one line of text.

Now the alignment for horizontal and vertical centering does nothing. I can live with that and do that manually.

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you are from? if you can/want tell it…

LightBurn does not provide this type of selection within a text string, not as you are thinking, but you can produce what you describe.

You will need to generate several “chunks” of text, the chunk for ‘Line’ work and a chunk for the ‘Fills’. You then arrange the chunks as required so it looks as you’d like.

Would that work for what you are after? :wink:

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