Working with the wood grain

Sometimes the grain adds


it’s amazing how productive you are, fine work I like it a lot

can you give some tips on your settings and how you go about prepping your photos for etching? Maybe you could make a short tutorial/video.

Maple wood
2.5 watt diode
1200mm/min 50% power 339 DPI
Photo was enhanced using LightBurn controls in shape properties
evry photo is different
I play with contrast…gamma,brightness untill I like the look

Thank you! Checking it out now.

Okay, so question about what you personally do:

The Russ formula said to use a PPI of your laser’s best point resolution to avoid over-burning and errant duplication. This guy says to use an interval equivalent to 600ppi, then just adjust speed and power to prevent over-burning. Which do you do?

I measured my beam size to be approx 70 microns (0.07 mm) as such I use 339-363 DPI