Workpiece positioning

This is how my laser bed looks like, there’s the actual bed where the workpiece is supposed to be placed and a solid structural platform above it.

lettering -1

I was able to achieve very sleek and defined lines when I placed the workpiece on the structural platform.

The above image shows the result when I placed the workpiece on the actual bed.

  1. Is this the same with all lasers or my laser has a problem?
  2. Which is the right position to setup the workpiece if the laser is working properly?

You have to place the work at the focal point of the laser lens, it will always be the same distance from the lens. The Bed should move up and down so depending on the thickness of the work piece, you can adjust the bed to get the correct focal position.

the 2nd image is wide lines because it is out of the focal point (to far away in this case)

look on youtube for laser focus

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okay…I’ll look into it and revert back to you

Is this your Z adjustments?

Screenshot from 2021-11-27 17-33-29

What kind of OMTech machine is this? Have a link?


its not OM tech…its chinese

I think all of the OMTech stuff is Chinese.

The question was is that the Z adjustment you have?

I have a knob I can turn…

It’s a very nice looking machine.


Yes…that’s the only way I can adjust my Z. I’m thinking of installing the knob you were saying about.

Good luck. Lot of work to do a z adjustment.


Oh!! that’s poor design as this is a very important feature and almost necessary to be changed for every project that has a new material thickness. My machine has a powered Z axis and I’m always moving it up and down. hope you find a good solution to make this more simple

it would be nice to get your suggestions on installing a moving bed with manual adjustments.