Workshop breaker blew, tube light under the lid now no longer works - where would I start?

Pretty self explanatory, I have an 80W Chinese Red & Black which I am very happy with. Yesterday it was around 40 minutes through a cut, bang the circuit breaker closed! Machine off, lights off, everything off… I am in total darkness wondering if I have to recut and engrave it all again or could I possible begin the task from some point and salvage some work.

Luckily, the machine asked “resum after lost power off?” I clicked yes and to my amazement it kicked back into a tion and finished the 20minutes it had left as if nothing had happened!

The only thing is, the tube light under the lid no longer lights up. Not only that but the physical black rocker switch itself no longer has a click to it, when switching from off to on or on to off. It just moves but does t click into either position.

How would I go about repairing this?

It’s a curiosity that you’ve experienced a mechanical manifestation of an electrical fault, but not unheard of. If you experienced a surge that caused damage internally to the "high-quality switch common in these machines, you may be halfway to your solution.

Access the back of the switch and short across it with an insulated tool, even for a moment. If the light works, the switch is the problem. If the light doesn’t work with a shorted contact, it’s the light.

I replaced long ago the fluorescent tube light inside the cabinet with a pair of strip LED “under-cabinet” lights. Better light temperature and far more illumination.

Hi Fred, thanks for the reply. Lots of takeaways there, I’ll report back once I have completed your suggestion.

If the rocker switch does not “click” , it is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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