Workspace recentering

after zooming in and out my original workspace when I open lightburn is thrown one way or another , and I want to recenter the work space just like it was when opening lightburn ?

The Zoom and Pan buttons are your friends:


The first magnifying glass zooms to the whole workspace, the dotted square zooms to either the current selection or, if nothing is selected, the entire drawing.

More info in the doc:

Thanks much, thing is I have spent so much time over the last year building and upgrading this co2 laser just had a cursory knowledge of what I was doing in lightburn. Now that I’m 95 percent finished with the rebuild I’m finding the time to make really learning all of lightburns features.
my priority , Until now when it got skewed it was just easier( in my mind) to just save file, close lightburn and immediatly reopen it. So thanks again. To me learning lightburn after having purchased it over a year ago for my diode laser is like christmas every time I use it. It is such a great product !!!

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